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  • Ultra-glide bushings : for smooth, silent and efficient movement
  • Smith Bar: Chromed and knurled for secure grip
  • Weight Plates: Smith bar accommodates both 1” standard and 2” Olympic weight plates
  • 8 Positions: 8 “hook-in” holes for quick and safe lockouts
  • Safety Catches: Train without the need for a spotter
  • Enlarged Foot Covers: Offering more stability
  • Compact Design: Great for those short on space
  • Extra Accessories: Push up handles and foot-hold foam rollers for sit-ups
  • Weight Horns: Safe storage of your weight plates
  • Product Dimensions: 109 x 186 x 190 cm
  • Product Weight: 49 kg
  • Weight Capacity: Smith Bar: 300 lbs / 136 kg; Push Up Handles: 75 lbs / 34 kg.
  • Weight Storage Posts: It is highly recommended that during use, weights are stored on the rear weight pins for added stability & safety.
  • Assembled dimensions L 1520 X D 1448 X H 2229 (MM)
  • Includes straight & curl Barbell for lat pull down and arm curl
  • Made with @ & 3 mm tubing
  • Flat Feet design
  • Multi Grip Chin Handles
  • Heavy duty steel cable 1000 lbs Tested
  • 2 Lat Pull Down Bars – Straight & EZ Style + TBar + Tricep Rope & Ankle Strap
  • 90 Kg Weight Stack Ratio 2:1
  • Fully adjustable cable system for top & low cable workout
  • Heavy Duty Padded grip handles
  • Powder Coated frame finish
  • 3mm thick steel frame
  • Thick steel barbell hooks with pop pin for fast and easy height adjustment
  • Thick steel barbell safety hooks with pop pin for fast and easy height adjustment
  • Heavy duty cables and pulley
  • Weight plate storage with removable sleeve
  • Multi-grip chin up bar with comfortable knurling
  • Bench (fixed to rack): Five position decline, flat, incline and upright; leg and arm curl included; frame: 14 gauge solid steel
  • Commercial grade Smith press: Uses 4 Sliding roller support for smooth motion; seven hook-in points; safety stops: Prevent bar dropping
  • Adapter sleeves: 1 inch standard or 2 inch Olympic plates; off-the-floor base: Enhanced durability and robustness; upholstery: 2.5 inch thick
  • Maximum user load on bench: 135 kg
  • Maximum load on Smith press: 135 kg
  • Maximum load on leg and arm curl: 45 kg
  • Assembled dimensions (H x W x L): 175 cm x 180 cm x 178 cm
  • Product weight: 58 kg
  • 2.5mm wall thick standard steel
  • Bench (fixed to rack) position is adjustable from upright to decline. Leg and arm curl included.
  • Assembled dimensions in centimeter: 271(H)x200(L)x70(W)
  • Weight load capacity: Barbell safety catch:136kg; Barbell weight plates up to: 270kg
  • Other accessories included double D handle, tricep rope, handles, short lat bar and iron chain.
  • An all-in-one attack, the XTECH-Z7 is your mid-range home gym that screams versatility.
  • Pick out any muscle you want to train and this can do it, with not just one but several highly effective exercises.
  • If you want to train a different muscle each day this is ideal, it can seamlessly interchange between the smith press, bench and cables for circuit style training too.
  • Smith machines are the safest alternative to a barbell for home-alone weight training, and with a substantial 150kg capacity there's plenty of scope for development.
  • A superior commercial grade bench can be used in conjunction or stand-alone to the whole rig, with a quick release pedal you can angle the pad from upright to decline in seconds.
  • High & low pulley stations with a range of attachments included, just to throw an alternative style of resistance training into the mix.
  • Weight load capacities: Barbell  = 200kg, Barbell Safety's = 200kg, High & Low Pulleys = 100kg, Bench = 300kg
  • Assembled Dimensions in centimeter :  210(W) x 200(L) x 221(H)
  • Warrantys:  2 Years on Cable and Pulley , 5 Years on Main Frame . (T & C Applied)
  • 5.0HP High Power DC motor enables to have an intense workout
  • Running belt area of (151 x 53 cm) offers comfort of jogging
  • Comfortable jogging is ensured also by the shock absorbing system (6 elastomers with external springs)
  • The available speed of 1 to 20 km/h enables everyone to train as they like
  • The adjustable walking belt slope from 0 to 15% offers the opportunity to differentiate the workout and simulate running uphill to activate different muscle groups
  • The handles are equipped with pulse sensors to monitor your pulse when jogging
  • Ergonomic dimensions after the equipment is folded: 150 x 90 x 153 cm (length x width x height)
  • The treadmill is equipped with 2 speakers to make the workout even more pleasant
  • 2 water bottle holders enable to work out without any unnecessary breaks, long and efficiently
  • You can easily move the treadmill with moving roller
  • Support up to 160kg user weight
  • 2 Years Warranty provided
  • Motor Power : 2.5hp DC Motor
  • Speed Range : 1 - 14.8km/h
  • Running Surface : 1200mm x 430mm
  • Cushion System : Built-in shock absorption system
  • Incline : 0 - 15% auto inclination
  • Foldable with soft drop system
  • Heart Pulse Sensor
  • USB with MP3 speaker
  • Max user weight : 120kg
  • Warranty : 2 years
  • Motor Power : 3.5hp DC Motor
  • Speed Range : 0.8 - 16km/h
  • Running Surface : 1380mm x 460mm
  • Cushion System : Silicon cushion system
  • Incline : 0 - 15% auto inclination
  • Foldable with soft drop system
  • Heart Pulse Sensor
  • USB with MP3 speaker
  • Max user weight : 130kg
  • Warranty : 2 years